About Krishna District Tourist Places List Andhra Pradesh India

This region along the banks of river Krishna has many ancient places of historical and religious interest.  Many places around are associated with Ramayana and Mahabharata. As per historical records, aboriginal tribes like the Chenchus, Koyas and Yenadis originally inhabited the region. The Dravidians arrived later.  Many Buddhist temples, stupas and chaityas were built at this place. The chief river at this place is Krishna.  There are many places of tourist interest in this region.

Krishna River

This is another magnificent river, the other one being Godavari, by name of which a district is known.  Krishna has its founts in the robust ranges of the mighty Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar in the state of Maharashtra. It has beautiful long course of 1290 km and mingles with the Bay of Bengal.  The main tributary of this resplendent river is the ravishing river Tungabadra.  Obviously both the rivers are revered as sacred as all rivers and water ways in the nation.  All along the benign banks of this beautiful path of serene waters are situated lush green fertile landscape and many ancient cities which retain their pristine beauty even with the foray of modernization.


Chilakalapudi is about 80km from Krishna District. A prosperous town grown popular in the recent times with its modern temple of Panduranga built attractively on a grand scale.  it is said that is in par with the one in Maharashtra. A grand festival is held on the Ashada Ekadashi every year when thousand of devotees participate.


Kondapalli  is about 34km from Krishna District. An ancient village which is the home of the famous Kondapalle Toys.  These toys are made by a special wood by the skilled craftsmen who have settled down in the village.  the family of craftsmen migrated  many years ago from Rajasthan during the Mughal invasions. The highly coloured creations have a wide market including exports.  The wood required for the toys is grown in the hills nearby.


Kuchipudi is about 61km from Krishna District. This village is said to be the birthplace of Siddhendra Yogi, the originator of the famous Kuchipudi Dance system.  A popular residential school is run at this place to train students in this art.