About Khammam Tourist Places List Telangana India

About Khammam is an ancient town that was an important administrative center during the reign of Kakatiyas in the 13th century.  Kammam is 257km from Hyderabad by rail.  Roads link the city to other parts of the state. 

This region has a history of thousand years behind it and was originally known as Stambhadri and Stambhagiri.  Rich deposit of coal are found here, which has given rise to the coal mines.  There are a few interesting places around.


Bhadrachalam is about 114km from Khammam.  A famous place of pilgrimage on the banks of river Godavari, which has the largest basin at this place.  The well known temple of Seetha Ramaswamy built on the top of a small hillock surmounted by a lofty tower is a famous place of worship in Andhra Pradesh.  Tradition ascribes the origin of this shrine to a pious village lady called Tammala Dammakka.  The famous saint Ramadas, who was the royal treasurer for the Sultan of Golconda, grew passionately over this shrine and renovated the old shrine spending large sums of money of the Sultan.  an interesting story of this incident has grown around in the historical records. Many modery buildings have come up at this place of which the Ramadas Hall is the finest.  Around the walls of the temple are depicted 48 aspects of Lord Vishnu in excellent sculpture. The place is connected by a direct train from Hyderabad besides bus services from many parts of the state. There are a number of choultries and guest houses to provide accommodation to the pilgrims and visitors.

Singareni Coal Mines

Singareni Coal Mines is about 39km from Khammam. This is one of the oldest coalfields in the country.  New coalmines have been developed at Kothagudem, which work at depths ranging from 40 to 400m below ground.  A fine township has been developed around the coalfields besides a modern guesthouse.

Kinnersani Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary of 655 sq. km, situated near Paloncha in Kammam district.  The sanctuary includes the big reservoir Kinnersani.  Many animals including tigers and leopards live here.