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About Chittoor district abounds in ancient temples with astounding architecture and hence has a number of pilgrim centres. A region of ancient historical place associated with the Vijayanagar Kingdom, it was developed by the Pallavas and later by the Cholas. The famous ‘Sri Venkateswara Temple’ here, attracts millions of devotees all through the year from far and wide.  This temple receives the maximum pecuniary offerings, of all the worship centers in the world. The origin of this ancient temple is still a moot point among archaeologists and the religious heads. The Lord here has been worshipped by a number of rulers, saints and monks in the long past. The vast environs of the temple and the ‘Seven Hills’ of sublime beauty are considered sacred. There are also countless number of ancient temples in and around Thirupathi.  At ‘Alamelumangapuram’, a marvelous temple is dedicated to goddess Padmavathi, the consort of ‘Lord Venkateswara’. There are many interesting monuments worth visiting in Chitoor District.

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Places to visit in Chittor District


Chandragiri  is about 56km from Chittoor District and  11km from Tirupati. Situated on the right bank of Swarnamukhi river, Chandragiri has a fine fort built by the Vijayanagar rulers.  Within the fort are two beautiful monuments known as Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal.  The artistic towers and Durbar Hall are decorated with excellent sculpture. According to tradition, the original document granting the old Chennai land to the East India Company was signed at the Raja Mahal in 1639. Chandragiri is one of the important places in Chittoor District.

Horsley hills

A Horsley hill is about 72km from Chittoor District and 144km from Tirupathi. A delightful summer resort named after W.D. Horsley, a former Collector of Cudappah district who chose this place as his summer residence.  Situated at an altitude of 1265m, this place is cool with temperature not exceeding 32 degrees.  The shady slopes are wooded with luxurious vegetation.  Easily accessible to the top by a motor able road, it is very close to Mandanapalle and the Rishi Valley School originally started by Annie Besant.


Kalahasti is about 108km from Chittoor District and 36km from Tirupati.  Situated between two hills on the banks of river Swarnamukhi, this temple of shiva is one of the famous Pancha Lingas representing Vayu Linga. According to the legend, a spider, snake and an elephant worshiped the deity, thus giving its name to the place.  The flickering oil lamp inside the main shrine proves the existence of the Vayu Lingam.


Kanipakkam  is about 11km from Chittoor City. Ancient shrine of Vinayaka of Chola times with excellent architecture attracts large crowds of devotees.  a fare lasting for about a week is celebrated during Ganesha festival.


Madanapalle  is about 45km from Chittoor District and 140km from Tirupati. It was at this place that Annie Besant started her activities of Theosophy movement choosing Jiddu Krishnamurthy, as a young boy.  A memorial building exists even to this day indicating the inauguration of the Theosophical movement in the country.  Known as Arogyavaram a famous sanatorium has come into existence on the outskirts of the town for the rehabilitation of T.B.patients.


Nagalapuram is about 144km Chittoor District and 50km from Tirupati.  The Vedanarayana Swamy temple built by Krishnadeva Raya and his mother Nagamba is a popular place of worship. Every year in march, this town stirs into festive activity for the Surya Puja when the rays of the Sun fall on the deity's feet, navel and forehead at different times of the day.


Tirupati is about 70km from Chittoor District and 150km from Chennai. The famous temple town on the foothills of Tirumala marks the location of one of the most venerated shrines of India.  The famous temple of Venkateswara, popularly known as Balaji, Tirumala is connected by a fine ghat road, with hundreds of rest housed and choultries on the top.  The splendid Vimana of Balaji is completely covered with gold. There are several temples at Tirupati chief among them are the Govindaraja Swamy temple, goddess Alamelu Mangammal and Kodandarama Swamy.  Kapila Tirtha on the way up the hills is natural waterfalls with a Shiva temple.  A very well developed township, it has all the modern facilities of a big city.  There are several picturesque sights around Tirumala - Tirupati.  Nearby is a unique arch naturally formed in stone, which is said to be the origin for making the idol of Venkateshwara.  The Akasha Ganga waterfalls and Papavinasha water dam are serene and beautiful.  Narayana Vanam situated about 36km from Tirupati has an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Kalyana Venkateshwara.  It is believed that this was the venue of the sacred marriage between Lord Venkateshwara and goddess Padmavati.


Udayagiri  is about 267km from Chittoor District and 177km from Chennai.  Famous for its ancient fort consisting of thirteen separate strongholds. Part of the hill is so precipitous as to be inaccessible, some of the cliffs being nearly 305m high.  This place was the capital of a kingdom founded by Lalgula Gajapathi in the 14th century, later taken over by the Vijayanagar Empire.  On the top of the hill stands a mosque with two Persian inscriptions referring to its construction in 1660. This is an ideal place for mountaineering expeditions.