About East Godavari Tourist Places List in India

About East Godavari is the northeast of Andhar Pradesh. The Kalingas ruled it.  Later, many dynasties such as Satavahanas, Ikswakus and Vishnukundins ruled here. Rajamundry was the capital for many years.  There are many places of interest in this region.


Annavaram  is about 73km from East Godavari.  A small village by the side of Ratnagiri Hill, which has become famous for the grand temple of Veera Satyanarayana Swamy on the nearby hillock. A very well organized temple on modern lines, a fine road has been laid from the bottom to the top of the hill.  The deity can be seen here in three storeyed building.  The main deity is in the ground floor while a Salagrama form is in the second floor.  The third floor is meant for prayer with the deity in the form of Omkara.  a number of cottages and guest houses have been developed on the lines of Tirumala.  The temple is only 2km from Annavaram railway station and local buses and auto rickshaws are available for easy approach.


Antarvedi is about 161km East Godavari. Situated at the confluence of river Vasishta, a tributary of Godavari with the sea, this place has a temple having nine forms of God Narasimha (Nava Narasimha).


Bikkavolu  is about 58km from East Godavari.  The place is named after Birudanka Bhima, a Chalukyan king of Vengi. there are six fine temples in this village which are the earliest examples of Vengi Chalukyan style of architecture and sculpture.  These are considered very important for the study of evolution of art and architecture in South India.


Draksharamam  is about 83km from East Godavari. A religious place formely called as Daksha Tapovana or Daksha Vatika.  The historicity of this place is attributed to Sage Vyasa who is said to have installed the original Shiva Linga.  The temple is dedicated to Bhimeshwara and the main Linga appears like a all pillar of marble and has to be seen from two storeys. There is also a belief that the shrine was originally a Buddhist centre, later converted into a Shiva temple. This place is also auspicious for Muslims as the tomb of Saint Syed Shah Bhaji Aulai who came to this place from Madina, is located here. The tomb is 500 years old and the saint is said to be a contemporary of the famous saint Mira Sahib of Nagore.  Olladi Dibba is considered worthy of interest as the Dutch tombs of 1675, which has some fine specimens of architecture.

Dwaraka Tirumala

Dwaraka Tirumala  is about 125km from East Godavari. The place is famous for the Venkateshwara temple which attracts thousands of devotees like the famous Tirumala temple. It is believed that Goddess Padmavati stayed at this place for some time before going to Tiruchanur. Regular bus service is available from Eluru.


Kotipalli is about 94km from East Godavari.  A village on the left bank of the Gautami Godavari River, which is a sacred place for bathing. It is believed that devotees derive the fruits of one core of offerings as meant by Koti Palle or Koti Phalam.


Pithapuram  is about 61km from East Godavari.  The Siva temple dedicated to Kukkuteshwara is a famous temple whee the annual festival is celebrated continuously for 15 days ending with Mahashivarathri.  Nearly a lakh fo devotees congregate at that time as the place is considered equal to Holy Varanasi.


Ryali  is about 104km from East Godavari.  A unique temple of jaganmohini Chenna Keshava which is known for its main deity which represents both Keshava in the front and Mohini at the back.  The sculpture of the figure is so attractive that such art is very rarely seen in any part of the country.  the temple has a Kalyana Mandapa which has very beautiful decorative sculpture on its pillars.


Rajahmundry is about 68km from East Godavari. The town is the gateway to northern Andhra Pradesh. A prosperous town on the banks of river Godavari, which has gained importance due to the famous bathing ghats and the Pushkaram festival which takes place once in 12 years.  It was also the ancient capital of Raja Rajanarendra and the ruins of palace and fort can be seen here.  River Godavari splits into seven branches at this place. On the banks of the river is the famous Kotilingaeshwara and Markandeya temples which are devout spots.


Sarpavaram  is about 62km from East Godavari.  An ancient temple dedicated to Vishnu under the name of Bhavanarayana Swamy is considered very scared at this place.

Rajamundry is connected by rail as well as by road.  Excellent bus services are available to all the place of tourist interest.  Good lodging facilities are provided to tourists in all these places.