About Nalgonda District Tourist Plaecs List in Telangana

Neelagri or Blue Hill, as it was known in the hoary legends, this is a holy land trodden by Sri Rama and Sita.  Existing forts, monuments and temples have survived the ravages of time and vandalism and even to this day proclaim Nalgonda's glorious history and architectural splendor.  There are a few places of interest in this region.


Kolanupaka is about 100km from Nalgonda City and 22km from Hyderabad.  An ancient centre of Jain faith as it has one of the important Jain temples.  Formerly, it was the capital town of the Chalukyas of Kalyani.  The 2000 year old Jain temple is a venerated spot by the community.  The tall idol of Mahaveera Tirthankara is carved in jade and the entire complex is embellished with exquisite idols of other Jain Tirthankaras.  Other Hindu temples at this place are dedicated to Veera Narayana, Someshwara and Lakshmi. All of them have excellent sculpture and exhibit beautiful architecture.


Pangal is about 194km from Nalgonda District and 100km from Hyderabad.  This place has the distinction of having one of the most compact and magnificent sculptures in ancient art and architecture.  There are two temples known as Pachala Someshwra and Chayala Someshwara and both of them have wonderful specimens of sculptural idols on the pillars and outside walls.  Pangal was the capital of the Kakatiyas for a long time when the Brahminical sculpture reached a very high water mark.  Pangal Fortress on the adjoining hill is another important place for excursion and picnic.


Yadagirigutta  is about 84km from Nalgonda city and 69km from Hyderabad.  A prosperous pilgrim town having the famous Narasimha Swamy temple on a hillock, it has became a very popular place of worship.  The idol of Jwala Narasimha as he is called, is located inside a natural cave deep inside a huge boulder. Lord Vishnu manifests here as Gandaberunda, Yogananda and Jwala.  There is a sacred pond on the hill whose water is said to contain curative properties.  The popular belief is that incurable diseases are cured by a bath in this sacred Pushkarini. The deity here is considered as the Divine Doctor.  A number of Choultries and rest houses have sprung up on the top of the hill as well as at the bottom village. Yadagirigutta is considered as next to holy Tirupati.  A motor able road has been laid from the bottom to the top and a continuous stream of pilgrims visit the shrine.  City bus service from Hyderabad operates to this place every half an hour.