Teej Festival


Teej Festival is celebrated on 31th July Sunday 2022. Teej is primarily celebrated in Rajasthan, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with both fasts and delicious feasts.  An unique festival for women falling on the Hindu month of Shravan (August), it also celebrates the arrival of monsoon after a season of oppressive heat.  “Teej” os a s,a;; red omsect that comes out of the soil during rains.


Legend of Teej

The Spirit of Teej symbolises ‘ideal marriage’ highlighting the legend of Goddess Parvati uniting with Lord Shiva after a penance of over hundred years.  It is believed that invocation of parvait’s blessings lead to marital bliss.

Rituals of Teej

Idols of Paravati are bedecked with new clothes and jewellery, and worshipped.  After a ceremonial worship at home, elephants are taken out in a ceremonial process escorted by camels and horses.

Women undergo fasts, sing folk songs and dance in thename of Goddess Parvati.  It is a belief that unmarried women fasting will find a suitable husband.  Fasting married women will also find their husband more faithful and bonds of love between them strengthened.

Three kinds of Teej are celebrated in Rajasthan:

  • On Haryali Teej the moon is prayed to.

  • On Kajari Teej women gather to sing songs and a puja of neem is performed.

  • On Hartalika Teej women keeps a fast for three days.  On the second day, they don’t take any water.

Celebration of Teej

During Teej, swing ropes on the courtyards decorated with flowers are a common sight.  Newly married girls return to their parent’s home, receiving clothes from their parents and other male kins.  This is an occasion to pamper the rural women by buying bangles, bindis bead necklaces and having mouth- watering dishes. Celebration includes games such as turban – tying and bangle wearing completion.