Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti 2021


Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated on 20th October Wednesday 2021. The birthday of the Adi kavi (the First Poet), Valmiki is celebrated on the Full moon day (Purnima) of Ashwin (September – October).  Valmiki is the author of the Ramayana.  He was a contemporary of Ram, the hero of the Ramayana.  Valmiki himself is also a character in the Ramayana.  He received the banished Sita into his hermitage and was a teacher to her twin sons Kush and Luv.  The creation of the “Shlika” (epic meter) is attributed to Valmiki.


Though Valmiki is called the Adi kavi, he did not belong to the traditional educated class: the Brahmins.  He is believed to belong to the traditionally oppressed class and was a robber.  One day under the influence of some sages, he repented his deeds, became a hermit and carried the most difficult of penance.  This is how he acquired the name Valmiki.  He remained so absorbed in his mediation that ants made anthills onhis body but he carried on unaware.  Today, Valmiki is worshipped especially as an example of man who rose above his limitations and achieved greatness. 

On his birthday, he is worshipped and prayed and his portraits are taken out in processions though the main bazaars and streets. Kirtans are also held in Valmiki temples.