Dudhwa National park and Tiger Reserve

The famous park on the Indo-Nepal border lies in district Lakhimpur  Kheri.  Dudhwa National Park along with Kishanpur Sanctuary is part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve area.  It covers an area of 614 sq km and is one of the finest examples of the exceedingly diverse and productive terai eco-systems.  Dudhwa is home to magnificent barasingha or the 12 horned swamp deer. The majestic herds are especially seen in the grassy wetlands of the Sathania and Kakraha blocks.

The park is also known for its tigers and leopards.  Seven one-horned rhinos from Assam and Nepal were released in the parks between 1984 – 85, which have also increased in number.  Other animals seen here are elephant, jungle cat, fishing cat, Jackal, civet, sloth bear, crocodile, python and monitor lizard etc.
Dudhwa is also a great bird watching site.  The marshlands attract a large number of migratory birds during winters.  One can also view colourful woodpeckers, Barbets, kingfishers, bee-eaters etc.  It also boasts of probably the greatest number of owls and storks.
Beat season – Mid November and Mid June


Dudhwa National park and Tiger Reserve Map