Mandi Information

Magnificent Mandi, an important historical, cultural and religious centre nestles on the left banks fo the river Beas.  It was the capital of the erstwhile princely state of mandi and also a major commercial center.  Mandi, also known as ‘Varanasi of Hills’, has 81 exquisitely carved temples.  The most important are of Bhutnath, Triolknath (built in 1520), Panchavaktra and Shyamakali at Tarna Hill.  Mandi is also associated with saint mandva, who is believed to have meditated here.  The town is famous for its unique celebrations of Shivaratri festival.  The celebrations last for eight days and during this time images of the deities of the nearby temples are brought in a colourful procession to the shrine of Lord Bhutnath (Shiva).

Mandi Tour Information

Rewalsar (25km)

The holy lake with floating islands is equally sacred to Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists.   A Buddhist monastery, gurudwara and a temple are built on the banks of the lake.  It is beleved that sae Padma Sambhava, a Buddhist preacher, went to Tibet from here to preach the doctrine of “the enlightened”.  Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru visited Mandi and stayed here.

Parashar Lake (40km)

The serene lake surrounded by mountains is located near Baghi village.  The three storied pagoda like shrine of sage Prashar is said to be built by Raja Ban Sen of mandi in the 14th century amidst tranquil surroundings.

Sunder Nagar (26km)

The beautiful town is noted for its scenic beauty and temples of Sukhdev Vatika and Mahyama.

Joginder Nagar (56km)

It is famous for the large hydro-electric project.  The reservoir is located at Barot, which can be reached by an electric trolley.

Mandi Distance Guide

Mandi Bilaspur 58 Km
Mandi Chandigarh 164 Km
Mandi Dharmsala 115 Km
Mandi Dalhousie 207 Km
Mandi Hamirpur 48 Km
Mandi Kullu 68 Km
Mandi Kangra 155 Km
Mandi Chamba 210 Km
Mandi Manali 109 Km
Mandi Nahan 224 Km
Mandi Palampur 85 Km
Mandi Solan 169 Km
Mandi Shimla 124 Km
Mandi Una 88 Km