Chamba Information

Charming chamba founded by Raja Sahil varman in early 10th century, nestles on a plateau on the right bank of the river Ravi, like a medieval Italian village fortress.  It is known for ornately carved temples, palaces and stylised buildings.

Laxmi Narayana Temple

The richly carved temple complex in ‘Shikara’ style was built by Sahil Varman in the 10th century.  Other shrines in the complex are – Radha Krishna temple, Shiva Temple of Chandergupta and Gauri Shankar Temple etc.

Hari Rai Temple

The 11th century shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.


This grassy ground is a public promenade in the heart of Chamba.  It is a centre for all activities, the most important being the famous Minjar Fair.

Chamba Tour Information

Bharmaur (65km)

This original capital of Chamba state is studded with a numbe of ancient temples and monuments. The most important existing shrines are – Manimahesh, Lakshnadevi , Ganesh and Nar Singh.

Manimahesh (35km)

The sacred lakes of manimahesh nestle at a height of 3950 metres at the base of the peak called as maniamahesh Kailash.  On the banks of the lake is a small marble Shivalinga called as ‘Chaumukha’.  The pilgrim site is considered to be as important as the shrines of Amarnath, Kedarnath and Rameswaram etc.

Chamba Distance Guide

Chamba Bilaspur 191 Km
Chamba Chandigarh 297 Km
Chamba Dharmsala 95 Km
Chamba Dalhousie 29 Km
Chamba Hamirpur 149 Km
Chamba Kullu 278 Km
Chamba Kangra 86 Km
Chamba Mandi 210 Km
Chamba Manali 318 Km
Chamba Nahan 357 Km
Chamba Palampur 229 Km
Chamba Solan 302 Km
Chamba Shimla 257 Km
Chamba Una 196 Km