Kolkata Gardens parks and Theme Parks

Botanical Gardens

The famous garden at Shibpur, 10km south of Haora station was established in 1786, by Colonel Kyd and is the oldest botanical garden in the country.  It sprawls across an area of 273 acres and has over 35,000 varieties of fruits and flowers, besides 15,000 other plant specimens. But, the star attraction is the 240 years old Banyan tree, which reaches up to a height of 24.5 metres and is spread over a circumference of 420 metres, making it the world’s largest banyan tree.

Eden Gardens

It sprawls over an area of 50 acres and was named after Emily and Fanny Eden, sisters of Lord Auckland.  The beautiful garden to the north-west corner of the Maiden has a tiny Burmese pagoda set amidst a small lake.  It has several species of lies within the garden.

Horticultural Gardens

The garden in the midst of Alipore was established in 1820, by William Carey.  An annual flower show is held here in February.

Zoological Gardens

This extremely popular Zoo is about 3km south of Park Street in Alipore.  It was founded in 1876 and has a large collection of birds and animals.

Rabindra Sarobar

This pleasant picnic spot is located south of Chowringhee.  It also has an artificial lake where water sports are held.

NICCO Park (9km)

It is located at Salt Lake and provides mind-boggling fun and entertainment to children’s as well as adults.