Places to visit in Yercaud Or Yercaud Tourist Places

Yercaud in the Servaroyan hills of the Salem District is a quiet and restful hill station in Tamil Nadu.  The Servaroyan Hills as a whole provide many beautiful vistas and panoramic view.  Yercaud’s temperature never rises above 29°C or fall below 13°C.  This is one hill station where one cannot feel the biting cold of winter.  With such a salubrious climate, Yercaud can be visited throughout the year.  It is less expensive than any other hill stations in India.

Yercaud is about 32km from Salem, this hill station at an altitude of 1515m on the Shevaroy Hills has a cool climate.  The drive up the steep and winding road from Salem is through coffee plantations and trees  of citrus fruits, most notably oranges that grow here in abundance apart from bananas, pears, and jackfruit.  A beautiful lake with boating facilities is there right in the heart of the town.  The Montford School and the Sacred Heart Convent are the two famous educational institutions at Yercaud.


Retreat, started in 1945 serves as a Novitiate House  where students of the religious order stay and study.  Yercaud and the entire Servaroyan Hills are known for thriving coffee plantations, orchards of oranges, pears and jack fruit and an astonishing variety of flowers.

Frequent bus service and taxis are available from Salem to reach Yercaud.  The places of interest are within the 3km of the town centre.  There is a beautiful Lake surrounded by well-lad gardens. Boating in the waters of lake is a refreshing experience.  Anna Park is a lovely garden near the lake.

Just outside the town is Lady's Seat, offering panoramic views of the winding road in the Salem plains.  The view of the Salem in the twinkling lights at night is spectacular.

The Shevaroyan Temple 91615m) in the hill range is scene of attraction especially during a annual festival in May.  Many tribal people congregate to pay obeisance to the two deities enshrined in the temple, God Shevaroyan representing the several hills and Goddess Kavari representing the river. The temple is accessible only on foot.  The Bear Cave formed of two huge boulders situated near the Northern Bungalow (the oldest bungalow in Yercaud) on way to the Shevaroyan Temple is worth a visit.  The whole area over 1500m is home to a range of plants species different from those cultivated in plains.  There is a Botanical Garden and a Horticulture Research Centre.  The castle like building Grange built by M.D. Cockburn around 1820's also attracts.  The Pagoda Point and the Arthur's Seat are the other vantage viewpoints.  Pagoda takes its name after the ancient pyramidal cairns found here.  Around the ridges of the crest are four cairn stones resembling pagodas (temple towers). The 90m high Killiyur Falls are situated amidst sylvan surroundings.

Yercaud Tour

Yercaud Lake

The first thing that attracts a visitor is the lake.  It is a picturesque pool, surrounded by gardens and trees.  Boating in the cool water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing.

The Anna Park

Anna Park is near by the Lake.  It is Lovely garden.

Servaroyan Temple

This temple is situated a top of the hill of the same name, which is third highest peak in the range.  The annual festival in the month of May is a colourful event in which hundreds of tribal people of that area take part.  Special arrangements have to be made to reach this temple as there is no regular transport service.

Bears Cave

Formed by tow huge boulders, this cave is situated near Norton Bungalow, an oldest Bungalow in Yercaud.  Special arrangement has to be made to reach this place.

Pogada Point

Pogada Point is one of the beautiful view points in Yercaud. 

Other Places of Interest in Yercaud

Ornamental paints at green house, orchard cum Nursery of rose plants, Silk Farm, Arthur Seat, Horticulture Research Stations, Orchidorium, Mettur view, Cauvery Peak, Salem View are the other places of Interest.  Yercaud and the entire Servaroyan Hills are known for coffee plantations.  Plaintain, Pear, jack and orange fruits are also grown.  Flowers of all varieties thrive here.