Bhudhan Temple

Bhudan is the lord of all learning and knowledge about science and arts.  He is the son Chandran and Thara.  Sukumaravanam was a forest under the curse of Umadevi, who ever set foot into those woods turned into a female.  Not knowing this, the prince by name Ilan rushed into it during hunt and was transformed into a beautiful maid.  Bhudan was enchanted with her and had a son born who he named Prura and made emperor of Pistapuri.


Lord of knowledge, learning and wisdom
who grants according to his needs
poet of great excellence, Bhudan
Agent of destruction, I praise thy feet.

Bhudan is a greenish tinge.  His seat is in the form of an arrow.  He rides a horse and has lion as emblem.  His chariot is powered by four horses.  He likes the white Kanthal flower.  Budha has a similarity of apperance with Lord Vishnu.  He is an auspicious planet.  He is the one to whom the fifth chapter of the Rig veda is addressed.  On his right hand, he holds a posture of refuge.  The other hands have weapons of war.  He is also known as Buddhidaha, Thanapradhan, Manoharan and Sowmiyamurthi.

The Propitiation of Bhuda Dosha

The propitiation of Bhuda Dosha is seventeen years, the Bhudan is the lord of Virgo, he determines the education of an individual.  Prayers to Lord Vishnu, the wearing of Maragatha, giving gold as gift, the chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama, fasting on Wednesdays are the means of propitiating the ill effect of badly placed Bhudan who grants excellence in arts and science, learning, wisdom and knowledge.  He removes the grief caused other grahas.  He is serene in temperament.

The Shrine of Bhudhan, Thiruvenkadu

Location : Thiruvenkadu is reached by a bus which goes from Mayiladuthurai to Mangaimadam.

Temple : Looks to the East.

Reigning deities : Sweydharanyar, Agora Veerabadrar, Natarajar, Birmavidyambikai, Astabhuja Dirga and mother Kali.

Holy waters : Agni theertham, Surya theertham, Chandra theertham.

Holy trees : Northern Banyan, Kondrai and Vilvam.

Names : Temple is also known as Swethavanam.

Devotees : Bhudhan prayed here and was exalted to the rank of Grahas.  The white elephant of Indra held worship here. Lord Brahma prayed to the Divine Mother and learnt all arts at this shrine.

Poet Saints:  Appar, Sundarar and Sambandar have sung Hymns.

Festivities : The fifth day of the month of masi, Agoramurthi is celebrated.

The Temple of Thiruvenkadu : Entrance to the temple is through eastern tower.  The tower has five tiers.  There is a school at the entrance called 'Meikandar Padasalai'.  On the shores of the pond are the shrines for Vinayakar, Meikandar. Surya Theertham and Chandra Theertham are also within the temple.  There is a hall of Subramanya, a shrine of Muruga and another one for Divine mother.

The shrine of Thiruvenkadu is known for Bhudan.  The sanctum of Bhudan is under Banyan tree.  Divine mother imitated Lord Brahma under this tree into the secrets of all arts.  Here the divine mother herself has come to be called Bramhavidhyambikai.  The mother is worshipped by the childless for the issue of progeny. Sukravara Amman is also worshipped in this temple.

To the east of Chandra theertham is a magnificent Banyan tree with many roots and truks where Vinayagar and two foot prints, termed as Rudrapudan are worshipped.  The Lingam which Chandran worshipped is to be found under this tree. The flag pole of the temple, etched figurines of Lord Siva's wedding, the statue of Somaskandar, the sixty three saints, all inspire devotion in the heart of visitrs to this temple.  The statue of Agoramurthy is of such magnificence that one cannot visualise it from mere words. Agoramurthy has eight hands, tow of which clench a trident; his head is bent to a slight degree and he seems to step forward.

The story associated with Agoramurthy is this Lord Siva, pleased with the penance of Maruthuvan, the son of Salandramurthy, once gifted him with a trident.  Maruthuvar became proud, started on a course which humiliated the Devas and sought to destroy  all those who he saw as rivals.  Upon which event, Lord Siva grew angry and sent Nandhi to defeat him.  Maruthuvan threw the trident at the Holy Nandhi; it pierced at nine spots.  Lord Shiva became more furious and manifested as Agoramurthy to destroy Maruthuvan.  It was the next day after Masi Magam, every year on that day, the special puja is offered to Agoramurthy at 10 pm.  The holes that were pierced in Nandhi are to be seen in the Beautiful form in this temple.

There is the Nataraja Sabha in this temple which is similar to the one originally found at Chidambaran.  Next to the Bhairavas is Kasi Thundira Ganapathy.  The eight hundred mother Durga is a sanctum facing West is very magnificent and quick to grant the wishes of her devotees.

The temple of Thiruvenkadu is a magnificent one in a village which is rather tiny.  Those desirous to have a child should take bath in all the three tanks for the fulfilment of their longing. Thirugnansambandar has sung a hymn to this effect: "He who takes bath in the waters of all three tanks of Thiruvenkadu shall bear children and their wishes shall bear fruit.  There need the no doubts of this.  He who has been washed by the waters of my lord of Thiruvenkadu whose insuperable half is mother Uma is saved from all harmful sins".

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