Bhuj Information

The “Jewel of the Kachchh” was the capital of the princely State of Kachchh.  The old walled city can be entered through crenulated gateways and the maze like streets bustling with activity are a good place for buying handicrafts items.

Bhuj Tourism Information

Aina Mahal

This beautiful palace with European influence was built in 1759, by Rao Lakhpatji.

Prag Mahal

This imposing palace was made by Rao Paragmalji II.  It is built in Italian Gothic style and has a large Darbar Hall, big rooms, wide verandahs and a 45 metres high bell tower.

Kachchh Museum

It is the oldest museum of Gujarat and was established in 1877, by Maharao Khengarji III.  Located on the banks of Hamirsar lake, the museum has rich collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions, archaeological finds, arms and artefacts.  Other places to see are Cenotaphs, Snake Temple, and Swami Narayan Temple etc.

Bhuj Distance Guide

Bhuj Bhavnagar 401 Km
Bhuj Bharuch 595 Km
Bhuj Ahmadabad 405 Km
Bhuj Dwarka 394 Km
Bhuj Gandhi Nagar 437 Km
Bhuj Jamnagar 244 Km
Bhuj Junagadh 345 Km
Bhuj Kandla 75 Km
Bhuj Palitana 393 Km
Bhuj Porbandar 427 Km
Bhuj Rajkot 240 Km
Bhuj Sasangir 389 Km
Bhuj Somnath 431 Km
Bhuj Surat 678 Km
Bhuj Vadodara 524 Km
Bhuj Veraval 431 Km