Virudhunagar Information

Virudhunagar is a very prosperous town being the home of influential traders.  In grocery trade in particular, Virudhunagar dominated the life of South India.  In recent years, modern oil milling and a number of small industries have come up. The place has also gained politically, being the birthplace of the Congress leader Mr.  Kamaraj.  

Virudhunagar Tourism Information


Sivakasi is known all over India for its small scale industries as a ‘miniature Japan’.  Match factories exist here in very large numbers and this is one of the very few towns in the south where life and activity are brisk from the early hours of the morning to late at night.  Concentration of offset printing units can be noted.


Srivilliputhur is 71km from Madurai.  It is a small town made famous by the Sri Andal Temple.   It has two main shrines of Vatapatatrasayi and Andal.  Between the two, there is a garden and in front of the Vatapatrasayi shrine stands to metres high gopurm, one of the tallest in South India, The Ratha of this temple is one of the biggest and has beautiful carvings from the sculptures.
Rajapalayam Close to the temple town of Srivilliputur is Rajapalayam, almost on the Western Ghats.  It is great city of Industry and a centre of teak trade.  Agricultural products are also marketed here.  Compared to the rest of district,  rajapalayam is cool.
The Gandhi Kalai Mandram and Library are gifts of a local citizen Mr.  P.K.Kumaraswamy Rajah, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (1949-52).


Aruppukkottai is 20km from Virudhunagar.  It is an important weaving centre and grocery trading centre.