About Villupuram District Tourism Information


Gingee is about 40km from Villipuram there is an interesting complex of Forts here, constructed by Vijayanagar kings.  The fort is built on three separate hills surrounded by three kilometre long fortified walls. The buildings a granary, audience hall, Shiva Temple and a mosque are fairly ordinary but the mountain landscape around these is impressive.  There is an uneven staircase of stone steps up Krishnagiri hill but the route to Rajagiri Fort is much more difficult to follow.

Gingee Tour Information


Singavaram is about 3.2km from Gingee city.  The tutelary Deity of Desingh was Ranganatha whose temple is in this hill.  It is a Cave Temple and an interesting feature of the temple is that the face of the Deity would be looking at the ceiling.


This place is on the banks of the river Varaha.  The ways to the entrance of the temple here are not aligned.  A Nandhi has planted itself far from the axis and a Natraja deity is something out of the usual Chennai.  A multi handed kali enshrined near the front Gopura attracts flocks of devotees.  Here the trees have become rocks and fossilised due to passage of thousands of years.


Thiruvennainallur is about 23.4 km from thirukkoilur.  A famous Siva temple is located here.  Sundarar, one of the Saivite Nayanmars was led into the temple by a Brahmin who was none else but Siva, to be redeemed as a devotee after preventing the marriage.