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     Tirupur is a Textile city located on the banks of Noyyal River. This district is formed with these taluks from Coimbatore district and Erode district, Tirupur Avanashi, Palladam, Dharapuram,  Kangeyam, and Udumalpet.  Tirupur city is the administrative headquarters of this district.  Tirupur has carved its name in the Indian history even before her independence.  Tiruppur Kumaran, one of the freedom fighters was killed during lathi charge when he was on a patriotic march in Kumaran road without letting kown Indian national flag.  It still remains as a great inspiration to its people.  Another incident is that C.N. Ahhadurai, former chief minister of Tamilnadu met Periyar E. V. Ramasamy for the first time in Tirupur during Periyar’s campaign which is considered to be a great turnover in the Indian political history.

     Tiruppur the name has emerged during the epic ages. It has been said that the shepherds of pandavas were stolen by thieves and the same was recaptured by his forces. That's why it is known as Thiruppu=turn oor=place. This has also been mentioned in the official website of the Tirupur district. It is also clear from the old name of Dharapuram which is "Viradapuram", where the name is also been quoted in verses of Mahabaratham. Evidences of ancient city of Tiruppur has been collected as coins and old pottery items found in many places of the modern city during excavation for new buildings.

     Some of the earliest Chola stone carvings have mentioned about "Kanchi Maanadhi" (the Noyyal River) and about the fertile sand that it deposits on its banks. It is evident from it that the land around Tiruppur was fertile and thus agriculture flourished in the region. That's why today too Tiruppur is a centre for trading of cotton, vegetables etc. The Visveswaraswamy temple at the heart of the city is one of the oldest temples in this region. It has been said by ancestors that the "Lingam" (the statue of Lord Shiva) that is present in this temple was left by a Chola king when he was carrying this idol from Kasi. Also the Chellandi Amman temple situated at the banks of River Noyyal has some idols that are based on the early Chola style architecture.

     Tirupur has carved its name in the Indian history even before the independence of India. The legendary Kongu chieftain and Palayakkar, Dheeran Chinnamalai fought against the British forces and was hanged in the Sankagiri Fort by the British. Before his hanging he was fighting the British and many places in and around Tirupur was known to be his dwelling places. Tiruppur Kumaran, one of the freedom fighters was killed during lathi charge when he was on a patriotic march in the Kumaran Road against the British without letting down Indian National Flag. It still remains as a great inspiration to the people of the city. Tirupur's main road is named after Kumaran.

     Tiruppur is a small city compared to Coimbatore, it is the center of Tamil nadu’s cotton knitwear industry and successfully markets its products in India and overseas.  It is one of the fastest growing cities in India in terms of Industry.  It is called the Knits Capital of India as it caters to famous brands and retailers from all over the world.

     Tirupur is the “Knitwear capital’ of India.  Tirupur contributes to a huge amount of foreign exchange in India.  It has spurred up the textile industry in India for the past three decades.  Its economic boom boosts the morale of Indian industrialist.  Great thing about Tirupur economy is that it is ever growing.

Kuitwear Industry in Tirupur

     Tirupur is a textile town in Tamil Nadu and market ad Cotton Ginning Factories.  Though Cotton Trading and Ginning operations have shrunk, Tirupur is still a popular market for unginned cotton.  Tirupur has gained universal recognition as the leading source of Hosiery, Knitted Garments, Casual Wear and Sportswear.  Tirupur has emerged as the knitwear capital of the country in three decades.  Tirupur is a textile town where commerce precedes everything.  Tirupur’s gain stem from its performance in technology and the quality of its macroeconomic environment.  It also derives much of its ascent from improved perception of its public service.

Tourist Places Near Tiruppur


     The word Avinashi means that which is indestructible.  It is a small town situated near Tirupur.  The town is famous for the Shiva temple constructed by Sundarapandiya is closely associated with the great Saiva saint Sundaramoorthy Nauamar.

Tirupur Kumaran Memorial

     Tirupur Kumaran was born on 04-10-1904.  A Stauch freedom fighter who waged a relentless struggle against the British.  Deeply involved in
Desabandu Youth Movement his patriotic fervor was extraordinary.  Beaten mercilessly by Police he held on to the flag as if it is his own life.  He attained Martyrdom on 11-01-1932.  This memorial is situated on Kumaran Salai.  It was opened on 07-04-1991 as a mark of respect to the great son o this soil.  Located at Tirupur Kumaran Salai, Near Railway Station, Tirupur.

Udumalai Narayanakavi Memorial

     He was born on 25-09-1899.  He worked in cinema, drama, music field and achieved fame by his famous thought provoking lyrics by which he evoked awareness among people.  He died in the year 1991. His Memorial is located at Udumalaipet.  His life history and photographs are displayed here for the public.

Tiruppur Temples

    Arulmigu Avinashilingeswarar Thirukoil – Avinashi

     Avinashi Temple 40 km from Coimbatore.  This temple was built by ‘ Sundara  Pandiya’ in the 15th century.  The Sthalapuranam states that two boys were taking bath in a tank when a crocodile swalled one.  Three years later a ‘Thread ceremony’ was performed to the boy who survived.  Though their family was happy on the occasion, there was grief in the family of the boy who was swallowed by crocodile.  On his way to meet ‘Cheramaan Peruman’,  Sundaramoorthy Nayanar composed ad sang for ‘Lord Shiva’ to resurrect the dead child.  His prayers were answered and water started flowing into the empty tank and crocodile emerged for in with a grown boy of 8 years. The car festival is the most exciting of the festivals on this temple.  This temple’s car is one of the biggest in South India and is noted for its fine wooden carvings.

Sri Kadu Hanumantharaya Swamy Temple Dharapuram

     This temple is located at Dharapuram Town which is situated 32 km from Palani. In the line distinguished paramahamsas established by the illustrious saint, philosopher, Sri Madhwacharya, there appeared in the 15th century Sri Vyasa thirtha (1447-1539 AD) a saint par excellence who late become the royal preceptor of king Krishna deva raya on the most enlightened and benevolent rules of vijayanagar empire.  It is believed that this temple is one of the nine important sacred shrines for the Madhwa community.

Thirumoorthy Temple – Thirumoorthy Hills

     It is situated 50 km from Pollachi and 20 km from Udumalpet on the highway from Palami to Coimbatore.  Thirumoorthy temple is situated at the foot of the hill adjacent to Thirumoorthy Dam.  Importance of this temple is three Moorthy Idols originate in same place.  A Perennial stream flows by the side of Arulmgu Amanalingeswara Swami temple and nearby there is Thirumoorthy falls.  It is also believed that a few years ago Atri  Maharishi along with his wife Anushiya devi lived here.  Progressed by their prayer, Lord Shiva together with Brammah and Thiru Moorthigal (Vishnu) came in Disguise to test their devotion.  Beleaguered by their appearance the couple offered them tribute.  The Thiru Moorthigal refused to accept their offerings as such and demanded that the offering should be made by Anushiya devi in State of undress.  She accepted their demand and with her power of devotion she changed Thiru Moorthi’s into 3 years old babies and fed them.  On seeing the power of devoting Anushiya devi, the Thiru Moorthi hills.

Distance from Tiruppur To Other important places Or
Tiruppur City Distance Guide

City Distance
Coimbatore 51 Km
Cuddalore 324 Km
Dharmapuri 199 Km
Dindigul 127 Km
Ernakulam 234 Km
Erode 63 Km
Hogenakkal 244 Km
Hosur 295 Km
Kanchipuram 412 Km
Kanyakumari 432 Km
Karaikudi 159 Km
Karur 87 Km
Kodaikanal 254 Km
Kodikkarai 353 Km
Krishnagiri 247 Km
Kumbakonam 258 Km
Madurai 190 Km
Mamallapuram 438 Km
Mysore 256 Km
Nagappattinam 298 Km
Nagercoil 451 Km
Palani 95 Km
Pollachchi 63 Km
Puducherry 345 Km
Poompuhar 327 Km
Pudukkottai 214 Km
Rajapalayam 275 Km
Rameswaram 357 Km
Ranipettai 349 Km
Salem 132 Km
Tenkasi 349 Km
Thanjavur 219 Km
Thekkadi 261 Km
Tiruchchendur 404 Km
Tiruchirappalli 164 Km
Tirunelveli 341 Km
Tirupathi 457 Km
Chennai 466 Km
Tiruttani 454 Km
Tiruvannamalai 279 Km
Thrissur 160 Km
Tiruvananthapuram 451 Km
Tuticorin 323 Km
Udagamandalam 107 Km
Ulundurpet 263 Km
Valparai 103 Km
Vellore 332 Km
Yercaud 161 Km