About Thiruvarur Tourist Places Or Places to Visit in Thiruvarur District

Thiruvarur is about 55km from Thanjavur. The headquarters of the district situated at the junction of Mayiladuthurai – Aranthangi and the Nagore – Thanjavur railway lines. 

Thyagarajaswamy Temple

The Thyagarajaswamy Temple here has some important inscriptions.  The legend of Manu Need Chola’s judgement of death of his only son for driving his chariot over a calf is sculptured on the South Eastern portion of the Temple is an interesting feature.  The temple has a very big car and the festival attracts large of devotees form all parts the state.  It is the birth place of Saint Thyagaraja one of the musical trinity.

The principal deity at this shrine is Sri Vanmikanathar, a Swayambu Lingam enshrined in an ant-hill.  His consort is Somakulambigai.  She is never taken out of the temple precincts.  To the right of the sanctum is the shrineof Sri Thyagaraja. The idol of Thyagaraja (Veedhi Vidangar) and that of His Kondi on an artistic Ratna Simhasan are very impressive.  The processional deity is known to perform Asaba Natanam.  The Spatika Lingam is kept in a golden box inside the shrine.  The Nandi is in standing posture. The image of saint Sundarar, his wife Paravai Nachiyar and Cheraman Peruman are installed here.

Navagrahas are placed in a row in a shrine opposite to the sanctum.  The Rudra Durga shrine in the second prakaram attracts a large number of devotees, particularly for the Rahukala Puja. The Sthala Vinayaka in the innermost prakaram is called Vathapi Ganapathi, brought from Vathapi.

The image of Goddess Nilothpalambika in standing posture is in a separate shrine.  She is depicted as blessing child Muruga with her left hand.  In another shrine, Sri Kamalambal, the virgin form of Parvati, is doing penance to marry the Lord. There is an inscription and sculptural representation of the story of King Manu Neethi Chola, who ordered his son crushed under the wheels of a ratha because he killed a calf by driving his carriage negligently over it.  Lord Siva is said to have intervened and revived the boy and the calf. On the western side of the temple is the celebrated tank, kamalalayam, with the shrine of Sri Naganathaswamy in the middle.  Here is a rare musical instrument called Panchamukha Vadyam (with five faces of Siva) and a Siva lingam made of Sapphire, known as Maragatha Langam.

About Thiruvarur Tourist Places


Ancient poets like, Kulasekara Azwhar, Nammazwhar Periyazhwar, Thirumangai Azwhar have mentioned about this place in their poems.

Thyagaraja Temple

The Thyagaraja Temple here is one of the largest temples in South India.  Founded by the Cholas in the 13-century it was subsequently added to over the next three centuries.  The magnificent eastern gopuram dominates in the outer enclosure.  In front of the western gopuram is a tank with an island temple.


The 10-century temple of Achaleswara (Immovable Lord) has a pyramidal tower with a simple base like the early Chola style.  It has beautiful sculptures of Ardhanareeswarar, Durga, and Agastya in its niches.  In the innermost court are the temples of Vanmikanatha and Thyagaraja.  The biggest of all the mandapams, the Devasiriya has paintings of the Vijayanagar era adorning its ceilings.  Outside the temple complex is a beautiful sculptural representation of a king from Chola dynasty who over ran his chariot on his own son to meet out justice to a cow whose calf was killed by his son, caught under the chariot.

The temple chariot, a grand replica of the original 23m high car is the main attraction of its famous car festival. It is also the birthplace of the saint and composer Thygaraja and the temple also exhibits some rare musical instruments. An important excursion point from Tiruvarur is Mannargudi.  The famous temple of Rajamannargudi here has a 4m tall idol of Rajagopalaswamy.  The place is also called the Dwaraka of South. The magnificent temple has 16 gopuram, 7 beautiful mandapams, 9 sacred theerthams, and a 15m tall monolithic pillar-garuda Sthamba.


Manora is about 65 km from Thanjavur on the way to Kodaikkarai is Manora.  An eight-storied victory tower, built by Raja Serfoji to commemorate the victory of the British over Napoleon at Waterloo is a big attraction here.


One of the constituents of the Cholamandalam in the ancient Chola period, it was an important trading centre and even today it is an important minor port.  The Kaayaroganam Shiva Temple of the Lakulisa Sect (the mendicant aspect of Lord) here has some exquisite workmanship.  The pristine beach here offers activities like beach games, joyful rides, children amusement park etc.

Just 5km north of the town at Nagore, the dargah of saint Hazrat Meeras Sultan Syed Shahabudul ameed draws millions of people. This 500-year-old tomb is topped by a golden dome and flanked by five minarets.  The rulers of Thanjavur richly endowed the largest of these minarets.  Seven silver plated doors approach the tomb of the saint in the centre.  The Peerkulam a sacred tank here has curative powers and people of different religious faiths visit it.  The annual Kanduri Festival in October-November attracts devotees from all over the world.


The town on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, about 11km south of Nagapattinam has the renowned shrine of Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health.  An impressive white neo-Gothic structure, this church is dedicated to Virgin Mary and in a niche in the altar is enshrined the statue of Our Lady of Health.  Numerous legends prevail of the miraculous powers of this shrine, and hundred thousands of believers converge here during the annual nine-day festival, which culminates on 8 September.

Kodikkarai (Point Calimere)

Just 10km from Vedaranyam, Kodaikkarai or Point Calimere is famous for the sanctuary situated abutting the Palk Strait, noted for its vast flocks of migratory waterfowl.

Buses ply directly to Vedaranyam from Nagapattinam that is at a distance of 65km and Thanjavur about 90km away.  Basic accommodation is also available at Kodikkarai and Vedaranyam.  For reservation, contact Wildlife Warden, Nagapattinam Phone: 04365-253092.


The temple for Lord Rajagopalaswamy here attracts thousands of pilgrims.