Sri Uchi Pillayar Temple

A top the rock is the Uchi Pillayar temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh form one can enjoy a panoramic view of Trichy.  There is a local legend connecting Uchi Pillayar with the famous Srirangam temple.  When Vibhishana was carrying the Ranga Vimana to Sri Lanka.  Vinayaka intervended in the guise of a Brahmachari boy and paced the Vimana on the ground which got rooted.  Vibishana got angry and chased the boy.  He ran to the summit and transformed himself as Lord Vinayaka. Below the Siva temple there are two Pallava cave temples that have beautiful sculptures of the 6th centuries.  At the foot of the rock fort is a tank and a Pavillion which are used during the float festival of the temples.


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