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Pollachi is a town and a municipality in the Coimbatore district.  It is an important commercial area in the region and has a big market for agricultural products. Coconuts and tender-coconuts are exported from here to all over India. Due to its proximity to the Western Ghats, Pollachi has a pleasant climate throughout the year.  Pollachi is also famed for its market, especially for Jaggery and cattle.  The Jaggery Market in Pollachi is the Asia'a biggest Jaggery Market.  It is located 40 km South of Coimbatore.

About Pollachi Temples

Arivu Thirukovil (Aliyar Ashram)

Arivu Thirukovil is about 24km from Pollachi Bus Stand.  Teaching for kundalini yoga and meditation guide by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, Arulnithi and Manavalakalai teachers.  It is the home of the Vethathiri Maharishi Kundalini Yoga and Kayakalpa Research Foundation, founded by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi in 1985.  In a beautiful natural setting at the foothills of the Western Ghats and in view of the Aliyar reservoir, the Temple of Consciousness is the focus for a silent revolution, transforming the lives of thousands of people, irrespective fo creed, color, race, religion of nationality.  Located at Vethathiri Maharishi Kundalam Yoga Kaya Kalpa research Foundation, Temple of Consciousness, Arutperum Jothi Nagar, Aliyar - 642101, Phone: 04253-288733, 288744, 288755.

Sulakkal Mariamman Temple

Sulakkal Mariamman temple is located on Coimbatore - Pollachi road, 32 km from Ukkadam.  'Sulakkal' was near the dense forest.  The inhabitants of Sulakkal and other villages nearby usually send their domestic animals to the forest for their feed.  Dharshan Timings:  On Tuesdays & Fridays: 6.00 am to 8.00pm on all other weekdays: 6.00 am to 1.00pm & 3.00 pm to 8.00pm. Phone: 04259-246246.

Velayudhaswamy Temple

Velayudhaswamy Temple temple was originally built by 'Karikala Chola' and renovated by Veerapallalai III dates back to 13th century.  A holy spring called 'Gnanatheertha Sunai' and a sacred tree known as 'Karunochi' can be seen.  Here, Lord Muruga came to be worshipped as Manthragiri and Shree Velayudhaswamy.  Located at Senjarimalai. Timings: 7am to 12noon & 4 to 7.30 pm.  Phone: 04255-268415.

Masani Amman Kovil

Masaniamman Temple is situated at a distance of 15miles away from Pollachi and between Pollachi and Topslip it is about 55km from the heart of Coimbatore.  This Sanctified Shrine attracts large number of devotees.  The idol of Masaniamman is very powerful one and offer blessing to all devotees who have a stunt belief in her. Devotees also expect that Goddess will respond their prayer within three weeks.  There is a stone image in the temple representing as a Goddess of Justice with the body of serpent.  Devotees believe that if they grind red chilly paste and apply it on the presiding deity, their lost valuables will be restored to them.  On Tuesdays and Fridays devotees rush to this temple, during Krithingai and New Moon day they undergo special pooja.  It is located at Aanamalai, Pollachi - 642104.  Timing: 6 am to 8 pm.  Phone: 04253-282337.

Maghudeeswaran Temple

Around 1200 years ago, temple for Lord Shiva has been raised here.  It is located 18km away from Pollachi near Ramanamuthlipudur village on the way between Annamalai and Sungam road.  Ruined temple and its pillars are undergoing reconstruction.  Temple is surrounded by its green valley and river makes the place more beautiful.

Alagunachiamman Koil

Alagunachiamman Koil is located at Pollachi City.  It was built by group of people who were living in Valliarachal (80 km from Pollachi).  Formation of this temple is due to the theft of statue of their family God (Arulmigu Alagunachiamman) on the river side of Pollachi.  So they selected a brick, placed it is the same place and built a small temple.  Now this temple was rebuilt in the year 2002.

Prachanda Vinayagar Temple

This temple of Lord Ganesha is more than 1000 years old as believed by the local public.  Located on the banks f River aliyar, about 8 kilometers to the south of Pollachi, this temple was in a dilapidated condition about 2 years ago.  This temple is growing more and more popular among the devotees of Coimbatore.  Subbegoundenpudur, Sungam - 642103.  Phone: 04252-221048

Subramania Swamy Thirukoil

This temple is located at Pollachi.  Konga Cholas built this temple of 'Lord Shiva' and named it as 'Thiruvahatheswaramudayar' temple, 700 years ago.  This temple is a high architectural value.  In due course, it was called as 'Subramanyar Kovil' and 'Lord Subramanyar' is worshipped here.  Phone: 04259-229054.

Amaneeswarar Temple Devampadi Valasu

We can get the Dharshan of Siva with Parvathi and Ganga Devi in this temple.  10km from Pollachi.  Time: 6.00am - 12.00 noon; 4.00pm - 7.00pm. Contact No. 9843717101.

Ambarampalayam Darga

This darga is situated on the banks of the river aliyar.   A lot of devotees from Kerala and Tamil Nadu visit this Darga with a belief that evil spirits will get away.

Pollachi Dams

Aliyar Dam

Aliyar Dam is about 24km from Pollachi and about 65km from Coimbatore Here, Aliyar lake receives water from upper Aliyar reservoir through hydro-electric power station in Navamali and the Parambikulam reservoir through a contour canal.  Near theme park is being maintained by Tamil Nadu fisheries Corporation.  Ambarampalayam Darga is situated at the banks of the river Aliyar.  Visit 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Kadamparai Dam

Special permission must be sought to visit this place.  Hydro Electric plant at Kadamparai between Pollachi and Valparai is most worth seeing.  Many wild species are found frequently in this region.  It's specialty lies in the fact that its carved out within a single rock, which gives an astonishing view.

Mahalingapuram -Round Road alais Round Tana

Mahalingapuram is about 11km from Pollachi bus Stand near Mahlingapuram colony, and it is the most favorite place for joggers walkers, volleyball, Basketball and batmitton players.  This place is called a get-together place for all the community from Pollachi town.  This Round road park opens early morning 5am and most of the people come to walk and exercise.  This place has a play ground for kindergarten children.  The place also features with Jawaharlal Nehru statue.