About Palladam City Information

     Palladam lies in the outskirts of Coimbatore City.  Palladam has mostly consisting of, Cotton Community people and most engaged in agriculture of Cotton and Tobacco.  Most of the population are in Lower, Middle class people earning their living on daily wages.  Palladam is a major Panchayat with large source of income collected from the business community.  It has own Library.  In and around Palladam there are many weaving centers & knitting centers, hatchery meant for export to foreign countries, earning foreign exchange.

     Agriculture has a great history in Palladam right from the introduction of modern farming in the early 80's to the plantation of variety of medicinal & other trial based plantation till date. The people of Palladam have always relied upon Agriculture like many other towns in INDIA. The association with Agriculture hasn't largely diminished over the years due to the continuous involvement of community & the participation from the younger generation.

     In and around Palladam there are many weaving centres & knitting centres mostly meant for export to foreign countries, thus earning foreign exchange. Most of the major textile houses are set up as vertically integrated units enabling them to produce clothings at a better quality and competitive price. This sector along with the poultry sector provides direct & indirect employment to numerous people in the region. The region also attracts labours from other part of the nation.

     The Palladam Hi-Tech Weaving Park (India's First and Largest Hi tech Textile weaving Park) was commissioned in 2008 and is one of the nations advanced weaving parks. It is a cluster of the textile industry and constitutes variety of textile factories. This park serves as a model for the different other textile parks been planned by the Govt. of INDIA (GoI).

     Major Indian Poultry firms are from this region, some of the well known poultry farms are Suguna Poultry Farms, Pioneer Poultry Group, Shanthi Poultry Group, Swathi Poultry Farms, which are in the Indian Poultry industry. The chickens raised here are transported to nearby states and these companies have also set up similar contract farming in other parts of the nation. Palladam Broiler Rate is the benchmark in the Indian Poultry industry. The Broiler rates are fixed by the BCC called as Broiler Coordination Committee. It is a very powerful organization in the Indian Poultry Industry. Its members are one of the leading poultry integrators in INDIA.

     The Windmills installed here ranges from as low as 200 Kw to 2000 Kw. The power generated by these windmills largely accounts for the State's Electricity Supply & INDIA's highest installed wind capacity is in & around this town. Thus it is also known as the green city for its Renewable expertise. This industry also accounts for both direct & indirect employment to the communities nearby.

     The primary vegetation was Cotton in the early 70's & 80's in sync with the Textile boom. Later the town adopted the Maize crop with the boom in the Poultry industry thus aiding the industries with local supplies to compete with both quality & pricing.

     Other vegetation are largely based on the local demands like common vegetables consumed by the house holds like the Onions (both small & big), Tomatoes, Brinjal, Okra, Peas, etc. Large amount of Cattle's & Poultry in the region also leads to vegetation consumed by them. Currently this industry is not doing well due to in sufficient & un-timely rains along with the decrease in the ground water levels by significant amount in the recent years.