About Namakkal Tourist Places Or places to visit in Namakkal

Head quarters of the district the town lies at the foot of a massive rock, about 60 metres high and its circumference is measured about one kilometre.  There are two rock cut carve temples dedicated to Narasimhaswamy and Ranganathaswamy.  There is a hanuman Statue of 7 metre height, which is carved out in a single rock and there is a fort in the rock.

Namakkal City

Namakkal is about 50km south of Salem and lies at the foot of a 70m high hill. Namakkal is famous for its temple dedicated to Narasimhaswamy, Opposite to which stands 7m high statue of Hanuman. Thee is a sacred pool created out of one of the hollows in rock, called Kamalayam.  within the Narasimhaswamy Temple are relief sculptures of unrivalled beauty.

Around Namakkal, in the southwest is Tiruchengodu, one of the seven sacred places of worship of Shiva.  In the Ardhanareeswarar Temple atop a hill *610m) reached by a flights of winding steps, the presiding deity is represented in half male and half female i.e. Shiva and Shakti (Uma) worshipped as one.  The Gandhi Ashram here founded by Rajaji is still active.

Kolli Hills

Kolli HIlls at an altitude of 1190m is a hill station in Namakkal district.  The terrace type 70-hair pin bend ghat road leads to Kolli Hills.  The whole area abounds in fruit orchards.  The waterfalls cascading down from a height of 60m is a wonderful sight.  The tribes of this  area are bounded to their unique customs and rituals.

The road from Salem joins the NH47 at Sankari Durg (Sankari Fort) and after 21km crosses the river Kaveri at Bhavani in the Erode district.  The Sangameswarar Temple is an important pilgrim centre also called the Triveni of south situated at the confluence of rivers Kaveri and Bhavani. From Bhavani the NH47 goes southwest to Perundurai, continues to Avanashi to reach Coimbatore.  Another road goes southwest from Bhavani to Erode.


This town is at distance of 38 km from Namakkal, one of the seven saivite places of pilgrimage in Kongunadu, on a bullock is located Arthanareeswarar temple.  Arthanareeswarar is the presiding deity in the form of half male and half female.  The unique feature that Siva and Sakthi are worshipped inform, here.