Nagapattinam Information

Nagapattinam is an important port in Tamil Nadu.  It has a temple dedicated to Nagaraja.  It lies between Velankanni and Nagore.


Nagore is about 85km from Thanjavur.  Nagore is renowned pilgrim centre for Muslims.  The annual Kandoori festival attracts people of all faiths.


Velankanni is about 95km from Thanjavur.  It is a famous Roman Catholic pilgrim centre.  The shrine here is dedicated o “our lady of Health” and attracts people of all faiths.

Kodikarai (Point Calimere)

This is situated in Thiruthuraipoondi taluk and is the northern point of Palks bay.  A bath in the sea at this place is popular for both man and bird for one can see a congregation of migratory water fowl, particularly flamingos.  This is the only wildlife Sanctuary where we can see both wildlife and birds at a single place.


Vedaranyam is said to be the place where Siva appeared with Parvathy in bridal attire to Saint Agastya.  The festivals on full moon days in the Tamil months of Adi (July to August) and Thai(January to February) attracts large number of tourist from all part of Tamil Nadu.  The Place is also connected with independence struggle.


Seerkazhi is about 20km from chidambarm.  The temple here has thre shrines, (i) Sri Brahmapureeswarar, Sttanathar and Thoniappar shrines, (ii) The Goddess Tirunilai Nayakishrine and (III) The Shrine of God child, Gnanasambandar.

Vaitheeswaran Koil

Vaitheeswaran Koil is 26km form Chidambaram.  The place is famous for the Siva Temple dedicated to Vaidyanatheeswarar the healer of all diseases and his consort Thaiyalnayaki.  It is believed that a bath in the holy waters of the Siddamritham tank within the temple complex will cure all diseases.

Nagapattinam Festivals

In the month of October,(on the day of Sathya Nakshatram in the Tamil month of Aippasi) birth day of Raja Raja Chola is celebrated on a grand scale.  Music festival is held in the memory of the great saint composer Thyagaraja, the soul of Carnatic Music at Thiruvaiyaru in January every year.  The annual grand Kanduri festival is celebrated every year for 14days commencing form the 1st day of Arabic months of “Namathul Akhir” at Nagore.  The annual feast of “Our Lady of Health” at Velankanni takes place from 29th August to 8th September every year.