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Mettupalayam is a town and a municipality in Coimbatore District, Mettupalayam is situated on the abnk of Bhavani River at the foot of the Nilgiri Mountains.  Mettupalayam is the railway junction for the Nilagiri passenger (NMR), and provides the interchange for passengers of this subline to the broad gauge railway.  The Nilgiri Express (Blue Mountain Express) Connects Mettupalayam to the state capital via Coimbatore. Mettupalayam is the starting point for two of the Ghat roads into the Nilgiri Hills. Fresh fruits & vegetables coming down from the hills and supplied to most parts of Coimbatore district.  38 km from Coimbatore.

Mettupalayam City

Sree Venkateswara Swami Vari Temple  is about 30km from Coimbatore and 9km from Mettupalayam. Then Tirumalai Coimbatore - 641302. Phone: 04254-304339

About Mettupalayam Temple

Sree Venkateswara Swami Vari Temple (Then - Tirumalai)

Like the hill temple in Tirumala-Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, the Then -Tirumala temple, Coimbatore is located on a natural hill formation amidst sylvian surroundings at an elevation of about 1000 ft above sea level. The majestic looking gopuram above the sanctum sanctorum and the temple complex in white and grey add to the grandeur of the shine again the backdrop of the greenish blue Nilgiri Mountans. Lod Sri Venkateswara swamy vari is in the main temple. Sri Garudalwar sits facing the Lord.  There is a separate temple for Shri Adhivarahaswamy on the northern side of the Hill opposite to the pushkarani.  Shri Varadarajaswamy temple is on the southeastern corner of the main temple. Temple conducting all poojas and 'utsavas' like Tirupati Lord Venkateswara. 'Annadanams' are provided to the devotee's everyday at 11.30 to 2.00 pm.

Karamadai Ranganathar Temple

Karamadai Ranganathar Temple is about 30km from Coimbatore and 10km from Mettupalayam City.  Dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, this is the second oldest temple in Coimbatore.  It was built by the Vijayanagara Kings.  Phone: 04254-272318, 273018.

Madheswara Temple

Shri Madheswara Temple in Annadasampalayam I one of the old temples in this region.  It is rare to locate Lord shiva temple in this region but Annadasampalayam lucky to have one such.  Regular Poojas on each Pournami, Ammavasai & Pradoshams takes place here.  Annadhanam served on these occasions.  This temple was directly maintained by Annadasampalayam Trutees.  Annadasampalayam is located at 11km from Mettupalayam towards Sathyamangalam.  Phone: 04254-254820.

Badrakaliamman Temple

Badrakaliamman temple is located 5km from Mettupalayam Bus Stand.  Goddess Kali is its deity.  The presiding Goddess at Vanabadrakali Amman temple is Sri Vanabadhrakaaliamman. The local devotees belief that their wishes for marriage and child will be fulfilled if they worship at the temple.  A copper talisman is offered at the feet of Goddess during the poojas.  The copper talisman is accepted to be magical relieving devotees from black magic and body pains, provides growth in business.  This temple is considered very special since it is believed to clear all the hurdles for marriage and child birth.  The temple stands majestically on the riverbanks of Bhavani originating in the Nilgiris.  Buses and other vehicles can reach it from Mettupalayam.  Timings: 6 to 11am & 4 to 8 pm Phone: 04254-222286.

Sri Jayamangala Anjaneyar Idugampalayam

Sri Jayamangala Anjaneyar is about 50km from Coimbatore and 6km from Sirumugai.  'Lord Anjaneyar' statue was built by 'Vyasa Raya' during Krishna Deva Raya's rule.  The uniqueness of this statue is that it was carved from a single monolithic rock called Suyambu and it has a distinct posture.  There is special bus facility is available on every Tamil month first Saturday from sirumugai to temple.  Dharshan Timings on Saturdays: 6 am to 11 pm On all other Weekdays: 6 am to 7 pm.  Poojas at 7 am.  Adhikalai Poojai, 12 noon Ucchikala Poojai, 7 pm Rakkala Poojai.  Thimmanur (post) Sirumugai - 641302. Phone: 04254-254994, Mobile: 9965369873.

Kumaran Kundru

Kumaran Kundru is 10km from Mettuppalam (40 km to the north of Coimbatore) on the Mettuppalayam - Annur road.  Shri Kalyana Subramanya Swami Temple, is on the top of the small hillock 100 feet high, which is flat at the top.  It is believed that the Lord Subramanya (Kumaran) is in the form of the hillock.  The area surrounding the hillock is very green and pleasing to the eyes.  Phone: 04254-288206

Oodhimalai Andavar Temple

Oodhimalai Andavar Temple is about 30km from Mettupalayam.  Arulmigu Oodimalai Andavar Temple, Punjai Puliampatti (via), Irumbarai - 638459, Phone 04254-287418, Mobie: 09865970586. Time:  11.00 am t 6.00pm only on Monday & Friday.

Vana Badrakaliamman Temple

Vana Badrakaliamman temple is located 5km from Mettupalayam Bus stand.  Goddess Kali is its deity.  The presiding Goddess at Vanabadrakali Amman Temple is Sri Vanabadhrakaaliamman.  This temple is considered very special since it is believed to clear all the hurdles for marriage and child birth.  The temple stands majestically on the river banks of Bhavani originating in the Nilgiris.  It can be reached by buses and other vehicles from Mettupalayam.  Timings: 6 to 11 am & 4 to 8 Pm Phone: 04254-222286.

Viruntheeswaran Temple Vadamadurai

Viruntheeswaran Temple is located at 10km from Coimbatore on the way to Mettupalayam. Here Lord Siva with his consort Viswanayaga Ambal blesses his devotees.    Time: 6.00am - 12.00 Noon; 5.00pm - 8.00pm Contact : 9442844884

Black Thunder

Black Thunder is about 41km from Coimbatore and 40km from Ooty. Asia's No;1 Water Theme Park is nestled in natural beauty with the green hills of the Nilgiris for a backdrop and the cooling shelter of trees.  An idyllic hideaway? Wait! Look around again and you will see people everywhere screaming and shouting with excitement. Jumping 'n sliding', swimming 'n floating' of thrilling adventurous rides spread over an area of 65 acres.  The nearest railway stations are Mettupalayam.  Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and the airport are Coimbatore.  Ooty Main Road.  Mettupalayam- 641305, Coimbatore, Phone: 04254-226632.

Kallar Horticulture Farm

Kallar Horticulture Farm is located 5 km from Mettupalayam Bus stand.  A place of natural beauty with Kallar aterfalls  complementing, it attracts thousands of tourists from in and around Coimbatore.  Located on Mettupalayam route to Ooty.  Timings: 10 am - 4pm Phone: 0422-2455799, 2437561