Malabar Paratha


  1. Refined flour (Maida)                                    - ½ kg
  2. Water                                                                   - as required
  3. Salt                                                                         - to taste
  4. Egg                                                                         - 1
  5. Oil                                                                           - 100 gm
  6. Baking soda                                                        - a pinch


  1. Make fine dough, with refined flour, salt, egg, water, baking soda and oil, kneed it well and make soft dough, cover and keep a side for at least ½ an hour.
  2. Make a small ball.  Press the balls like chapatti.
  3. Make a fold like fan, then make a round shape and pat it in tawa and cook it both sides.  Add oil / Thee till golden brown.