Kaniyakumari Information

Kanyakumari is famed for its incomparable geographical location of not only for its land’s end of India but also for Tri-sea (Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal) confluence.  Lakhs of tourists, round the year are lured by the serene beauty of this place and the spectacles of sunrise and sunset.  Though sunrise can be viewed throughout the year, sunset is visible only from October 15 to March 15 from this southernmost tip.  But one can view both sunrise and sunset throughout the year from atop a hill called Murugan Kundram which offers a panoramic view of Kanyamumari.  The sunset and moonrise can be seen almost simultaneously on full moon days from the same spot.  It is a unique spectacle. 

The 3000 year old temple at this place is dedicated to Virgin Goddess Kanyakumari, who stands in eternal vigil protecting the country, is surrounded by a stone wall and stands on the edge of the ocean.  The entrance to the temple is through the northern gate, while the eastern gate always remains closed except on some festival days. Amidst the sea there are two rocks known as ‘twin rocks’, both contributing to the rich Indian heritage with the monuments of Swamy Vivekananda and Saint Thriuvalluvar.


Kanyakumari and its surroundings are believed to be part of the land which was created by Parasuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Folktales and mythological stories speak volumes about Kanyakumari.

Mythology is full of conflicts between Devas and Asuras, and the ultimate victory of the devas; it is conquest of good over evil. There was a place known as ‘Sonithapura’ ruled by ‘Kasyapparajaba’ a Rakshash King.  He had four son’s namely; Panan, Moohan, Sumban and Mahisan. Among these four Son’s Panan performed rigorous penance and attained the bliss of eternal life.  (But, he forgot to mention that he should not be killed by a spinster an unmarried girl).  Due to his the bliss, he has got dangerous effects were happened.  He with pride ignored Deva’s and Rishis, treated the common folk very badly. Righteousness was lost in the earth, women were molested.  Temple worships were stopped. Because of all these cruelties the power of the earth goddess ‘Bhooma’ was badly affected and so she prayed to the God ‘Sriman Narayan’ in the form of the cow. During this time of prayer Deva’s Rishis and others were also there.  Hearing the prayers of all these.  The God Vishnu told that it was not possible for them to kill Panan, only the Goddess Parasakthi cand do it. Deva’s performed the God suggested yaga and the expected Goddess arrived and appeared to their eyes.  She performance a rigorous penance. When she attained the age for marriage preparations were done for her marriage arrangement. Hearing this, the traveller of the three worlds Naratha was worried, thinking that the marriage would spoil or foil the “Panasura Samharam” the destruction of the giant Pana.  Naratha prayed to the Goddess (Devi). He suggested an idea that the Devi should demand Parameshwara to bring coconut without eyes, sugarcane without any round rings and vein less betel leaves before the dawn. She too demanded the same to the God. Accepting the demand of the Devi.  The God Eswaran too brought the demanded things to kanyakumari.  Knowing this, Naratha made a trick.   The God Parameshwaran was on his way to kanyakumari, he was near a place called Vazukkamparai. Naratha appeared here in the form of a cock and announced that it was dawned.  Hearing this, the God Parameswhara thought that he had not fulfilled the demand before dawn.  So even if he went to meet the Goddess the marriage would not occur. Realising this, the god stayed at Sussendrum. As the God (Thanu-mal-Ayan) Thanumalayan.  Whatever was planned and arranged for the marriage turned into shells, stone piees and multi coloured sand. Panasuran the head of the three worlds heard about the Goddess doing penance in the southern side by his spies.  Thurmugan and Moogan hearing about her physical features Panasuran was obsessed with her in lust and conveyed his emotion towards her.  Hearing his words, the Goddess ordered him to meet her at war and marry her.  At once they started the fight.  The Goddess created ‘Pathrakali’ to fight with Mooga.  ‘Pathrakali’ killed ‘Mooga’ in a place called ‘Moogambika’.
The goddess killed ‘Panasura’ at a place known as ‘Panatheertha’ seeing this, Devas showered fragrant flowers on her.