Dimapur India Or Places to Visit in Dimapur

Dimapur is the magnet around which the economic and developmental activities of the district are centred.  It is not only the most important town Nagaland but also the commercial centre for the region.  It is one of the fastest developing townships in the Northeast.  The town is also a gateway to Nagaland and Manipur.

Dimapur City

Dimapur in Nagaland is bounded by the Kohima district on the south and east, Karbi Anglong district of Assam on the west, and Golaghat District, in the west and the north.

Dimapur Climate

The climate of Dimapur is hot and humid in the plains during summer (reaching a maximum of 36°C, with humidity upto 93%) while the winter months are cool and pleasant.  The average annual rainfall is 1504.7mm.


Dimapur History

The sprawling town of Dimapur was once the capital of the ancient Kacharis.  Megalithic culture, characterized by huge stones, existed in this region.  Most of the ruins show that they belonged to the Kachari Civilization, which existed in these parts before the 13th Century AD. Archaeological evidence shows that elaborate rituals on fertility were performed during those days.

Dimapur Tourist Place


It is situated at a distance of about 14km from Dimapur on the National Highway No. 39.  Chumukedima served as the first headquarter of the Naga Hills District of Assam State during the time of the British rule in the early period of the 19th century.  From this spot, one can capture a view of the whole of Dimapur and other parts of Karbi-Anlong of Assam.  The Tourist Village is at a distance of 8km from the National Highway.  One can also come across few waterfalls located in this area, which are under exploration and assessment for easy access.


Just 5 km away, on the Dimapur-Kohima road is Ruzaphema, a place ideally suited for leisure and recreation with its colorful bazaars and a plethora of trial handicrafts that are exclusive in their style.

Triple Falls

As the name suggests, the fall in Seithekima village of Dimapur is a three-tier waterfalls.  It is a beautiful destination for trekkers.

Governor's Camp

43km from Dimapur is the Governor's Camp in the foothill, by the Doyar River.  It is a lovely spot for picnickers, rafters, anglers and campers, etc.

Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary lies about 37km from Dimapur. The sanctuary is under the preservation of the Forest Wildlife Department.  It is a home of various animals including some rare species of birds.

Dimapur Festivals

Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival is celebrated between December 1 to 5, every year.  The Hornbill Festival of Nagaland is aimed at reviving, protecting and sustaining the richness of the Naga heritage and traditions.  This is done through cultural extravaganza worth experiencing.
The other prominent festivals are Kuki Mimkut, Angami Sekrenyi, Phom Monyu, Konyak Aoling, Rengma Ngada and Zeliang Nga Nagi.

Moatsu Festival

This festival is celebrated in the first week of May every year.  Various rituals are performed during this period.  The Aos observe Moats Mong after the sowing is done.  The Moatsu festival provides the Aos a period of recreation and entertainment after the stressful work of clearing fields, burning jungles and sowing seeds, cleaning up the Tsubu (Wells) and repairs and construction of houses by elders of the Putu Menden, stretching over a week.