Dharapuram District Or Dharapuram Tamil Nadu

 Dharapuram Town is situated along the banks of River Amaravathi.¬† Dharapuram Municipality is promoted 1st grade municipality on May 6,1983. That time Tirupur was a township in 1983. The town has attained the status of a Municipality in the year 1916 and functioning as the First Grade Municipality from 06.05.1983. The town developments completely depend on the Agriculture and Textile trade.

     During British times, Dharapuram was the Capital of South Noyyal Dt., and Bhavani was the capital of North Noyyal Dt., Dharapuram and the region around the town were part of the Chera and Kongu country in ancient times. They had their own Chera and Kongu Kings ruling them till 850 A.D Thereafter (in 1000 A.D. - 1275 A.D.) it was ruled by Kongu Cholas who made Dharapuram as their Military and Political Headquarters as the Cholan capital was under invasion by a hitherto unknown people in South India called Kalabhras during the dark age of Tamilakam. Sometime later the Pandyan empire took control of the region (from 1276 A.D.). A Pandyan ruler Veerapandian made Kalingarayar, a Kongu chieftain (meaning slayer of Kalinga King's head in battlefield) the Prime minister of the Pandyan empire. During this period, the famous Kalingarayan Channel was digged by this visionary and it still continues to irrigate the fertile lands of the region.

     Then the Muslims (Modeen Sulthans) took over the rule after which Nayaks of Madurai ruled. Then Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan had their sway. In 1799 when Tippu fell to the British, the East Indian Company took over the administration. Its famous for its Aanjeeneya Temple. British had their military camp in Therupatti village on the Palani road, regularly practicing rifle firing in the Kannimar Hills. The ancient foundry of the Chera, Kongu Nadu (Kollan Pattari) is also found to be in the same village. In ancient times Dharapuram was known as Viradapuram with significant links to the events of the epic Mahabharata. Dharapuram and Coimbatore got the status of Municipality on the same day.