About Chitradurga Tourist Places Or Places to Visit in Chitradurga Karnataka India

About Chitradurga is about 110km south of Bellary on Bangalore - Mumbai NH4 is Chitradurga. The town is said to be named after an umbrella shaped hill called Chatrakaldurga.  Sme attributes this name to the word, vichitra for the jumble of rocks and boulders that lie perched on each other at impossible angles all around the hills here.  Folklore also has it that Chitradurga is where the Pandaa Bhima fought and killed the demon Hidimbasura.  The 17 century Chitradurga Fort built by Palegar Nayaks is renowned for its formidable defense that includes 19 gateways, 28 postern gates and 35 secret entrances.

Chitradurga District

Nesteling in the heart of Karnataka, India. Chitradurga was once the capital of the Pallegars with its rich historical background.  The hill near the town is surrounded by seven fortifications which are a masterpiece of architectural beauty. They given an idea of their impregnability. According to epics, it is said that Jatayu the heroic bird of Rmayana fell mortally wouded here fighting with Ravana to sava Sita evi.  Bhima of the Pandavas is said to have killed the man eating demon Hidimbasura here.  There are seven temples on the hill dedicated to Gopalswamy, Sampige Siddheswar and goddess Ucchangiamma.  The Hidimbeshwara temple is the oldest being the patron deity of the locak chieftains.  Many heroic stories of the battle at this fort are current among the local people.  It was here that Onake Obavva killed hordes of soldiers all alone fighting with Muslim invaders.

Chitradurga Sightseeing

It is km northwest of Chitradurga is Chandravalli where excavations have revealed settlements that are more than 3000 years old.  The finds even include some 2000-year's old Roman and Chinese coins.  The hills around the lake here have some Buddhist monasteries with living dwellings and meditation cells.  A dramatic tour by torch and candle around this ancient warren of caves that plunges 24m below ground is necessary do.

Brahmagiri is about 63km from Chitradurga is the ancient site of Ishila at Brahmagiri, one of Ashoka's provincial capitals.  This village is famous for emperor Ashoka's earlier rock edicts in the Brahmi script and Prakrit language dating to the 3 century BC.  Further 45km from Brahmagiri is Ashok Siddapura where Ashoka's edicts have been found.  The place is also known for Jattinga Rameshwara Linga Temple built in 926AD.  This is the place where the Rama performed the last rites of legendary eagle Jatayu who sacrificed his life in a heroic struggle with Ravana to save Sita from abduction.  10km south of Siddapur is Mllakamuru, an important centre for making hand woven silk textiles.  Another attraction here is Kugo Bande (shouting Rock), a colossal rock where one can experience one's voice resounding as an echo.

Nature Sites

Jogimatti is 10km from Chitradurga is the hill station of Jogimatti with rolling hills, unspoilt wilderness and birdlife.  A beautiful waterfall, Himavatkedra cascades through the hills here.

Karnataka's oldest dam, Vani Villa Sagar is 40km from Chitradurga.  The scenic site is popular with bird watchers and is ideal for a quiet coracle ride. The other reservoir, Gayatri Jalashaya across the river Suvarnamukhi is another picnic spot.

Religious Shrines

Of the many Mutts around the town, Ankali Math is known for its subterranean chambers.  Located 3km, the Bruhan Math was built in honour of an eminent guru of the community of Veershaiva. Sirigere is noted for the education and religious centres run by Veershaiva Math of Taralabalu Jagadguru.

5km from the town of Chitradurga is a cave temple of Shiva built by Aadooru Mallapa at Aadummalleshwara.  Also worth a visit is Nayakana Hatti, 35km, having the resting place of th sae, Thipperudraswamy. Ramagiri in the taluka of Holalkeere is well known for the temple of Veerabhadraswamy and the Karisiddeshwara Math. At Heggere, the Jain monastery and the Kalleshwar Temple are the main attractions.


Davanagere is about 67kmfrom Chitradurga, it is an important cotton centre and the nearby town of Harihar at the right bank of Tungabhadra takes its name from the Hoysala style Sri Harihareshwara Temple that enshrines a 1.3m high image of Harihara (half Shiva and half Vishnu).

21km from Harihar, Ranibennur has a Blackbuck Sanctuary covering a total area of 119sq km.  It is known for its black buck, wolf population, great Indian bustards and florican.


Chandravalli is about 3km from the town is the famous site of Chandravalli excavations which has revealed the seat of an ancient civilization.


Harihar is  about 75km from Chitradrga District.  Situated on the banks of Tungabhadra river, it is famous for the Hoysala style temple of Hari Hareshwara, depicting both the aspects of Shiva and Vishnu.  The town has been developed by a few large scale industries.


Jogimatti is about 11km from Chitradurga District.  Located in a range of hills, about 1200m above sea level, it has been developed into a picnic centre with beautiful surroundings and natural scenery all round.  the forest lodge here provides accommodation to tourists and visitors.

Vanvilas Sagar

Vanvilas Sagar is about 32km from Chitradurga District.  A huge reservoir created by constructing a dam across river Vedavati.  From the top of the dam, one could enjoy the natural scenery around.  Boating facility is available at the reservoir to reach a small island in the middle of the lake.  A fine rest house at this place provides accommodation for overnight stay.

How to reach Chitradurga District

Good road and a number of buses and vans operate connect all these places in these routes.  Chitradurga offers very good lodging facilities for tourists. Chitradurga is well connected to Bangalore (200km), Davanagere (60 km on NH4), Hospet (120km on NH13) and Hibli (207km on NH4).  Accommodation is available in a number of hotels here.