Vellore Tourism Information

Vellore is about 130km from Chennai one can go by bus or train.  Vellore standing on the banks of the Palar River has an interesting fort, dating back to the13th century. The fort is considered a perfect specimen of military architecture.  It was the scene of many historic sieges and battles.
The fort is surrounded by a moat and has massive gateways.  Within the fort, there are numerous buildings, including the double storied mahals.  The temple which is no longer used for worship has some beautiful sculptures on the ceiling and some of the richly carved pillars and monoliths.


Vellamalai is about 25km form Vellore, there is a temple, carved from a massive stone at the top.  This temple is dedicated to karthikeya (Muruga).  From here there is a good view of the bleak country side around Vellamalai.


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