Tiruttani Temple

Sri Subramanya Swamy temple

Sri Subramanya Swamy temple in Tiruttani is on a single rock, 212m (about 700 feet) above sea level.  It is considered as the last of the six Padaiveedu of Lord Subramanya.  Some consider it as the second most important of the Padaiveedus, while some others give  it the first place, as the Lord is said to reside here in bliss, after His marriage with Valli.  This school considers Tirutanikai as the Lord's crown jewel.

According to the sthala purana, the Lord settled down in Tiruttani His divine mission accomplished after Vanquishing the asura, Soorapadman, and his hordes at Tiruchendur.  If Mount Kailas is the abode of Lord Shiva, Tiruttani is the chosen home of Lord Subramanya.  Tiru means sacred and tani means cooling down.  In effect, Tiruttani is the place where the Lord cooled down, after the debilitating war with the asuras.  It is therefore an abode of peace, Shantipuri.  Devottes can easily obtain divine grace here, it is said, as the Lord is in a state of bliss.  For this reason, this hill is also known as Thanikachalam:  cool hill.  Feeding the hungry is considered a meritorious act in this shrine and annadhanam is a regular affair here.  Sri Subramanya Swamy, in His sanctum, is flanked by Sri Valli and Sri Devayanai shrines.  When asked by Sri Valli, after her marriage to Him, about the greatness of this hill, Sri Muruga is said to have replied that whoever worshipped Him with heart and soul for five continuous days here would e blessed with the best in this life and in the thereafter.  Sri Rama, after killing Ravana , is said to have rediscovered His peace of mind on this hill. Later, in the Dwapara Yuga,  Arjuna is said to have worshipped at this shrine during the course of his southern pilgrimage.

Brahma is said to have propitiated the Lord at the holy tank here, after being imprisoned by Sri Subramanya for his failure to explain the meaning of the Pranava (Om) mantra.  Similarly,  Lord Indra is said to have worshipped the Lord thrice daily and thus got back all the wealth of the Deva Loka looted by the asuras.  Vasuki, the king of snakes, is said to have been healed of this injuries the suffered, when he was used as a rope to churn amrta from the sea.  Among the sages and saints, Agastya worshipped here, as did Arunagirinathar and Ramalinga Swamigal.  The Swamigal, who lived about 150 years ago, was blessed with the vision of Muruga in the mirror of his pooja room, after which he visited Tiruttani.  It is also said that he recited his arutpas with flawless ease after this event.  Si Muthuswamy Dikshitar is said to have been met by Lord Subramanya, in the guise of an old man, on the steps of the shrine, after which he composed his famous kriti "Sri Subramanyaya,"  in the raga Khambhoji.

The sacred tanks attached to Aaru Padaiveedus are known as Saravana Poigai.  Here the Poigai is at the foot of the hill.  Adi Kirthigai (August), when the annual float festival is held for three days.  This is the most important festival in the temple calendar.  Hundreds of thousands of devotees come with kavadis, shouting Hara. Another important festival, which came into vogue during British times, is the symbolic climbing of the 365 steps that signify the number of days in a year, by hundreds of bhajan groups while singing the Tirupugazh on January First.  Devotees also prick their lips/checks with Vel kavadis on this day in fulfillment of vows.

How to get there: 

Tiruttani is 84km from Chennai, on the train route to Mumbai.  It is 13km from Arakonam Junction.  You could take the direct EMU, or the express train, which stops there.  Then there are the buses, the direct ones, which leave you at the bus station, right next to the Devasthanam bus stand.
Accommodation:  The Devasthanam offers a variety of AC/Non-AC rooms/cottage.  Private lodges are also available.

Tiruttani Distance Guide

Tiruttani Chidambaram 223 Km
Tiruttani Coimbatore 428 Km
Tiruttani Cuddalore 176 Km
Tiruttani Dharmapuri 278 Km
Tiruttani Dindigul 354 Km
Tiruttani Ernakulam 663 Km
Tiruttani Erode 336 Km
Tiruttani Hogenakkal 323 Km
Tiruttani Hosur 256 Km
Tiruttani Kanchipuram 42 Km
Tiruttani Kanyakumari 659 Km
Tiruttani Karaikudi 510 Km
Tiruttani Karur 352 Km
Tiruttani Kodaikanal 402 Km
Tiruttani Kodikkarai 382 Km
Tiruttani Krishnagiri 217 Km
Tiruttani Kumbakonam 292 Km
Tiruttani Madurai 440 Km
Tiruttani Mamallapuram 107 Km
Tiruttani Mysore 408 Km
Tiruttani Nagappattinam 327 Km
Tiruttani Nagercoil 678 Km
Tiruttani Palani 458 Km
Tiruttani Pollachchi 547 Km
Tiruttani Puducherry 155 Km
Tiruttani Poompuhar 261 Km
Tiruttani Pudukkottai 388 Km
Tiruttani Rajapalayam 525 Km
Tiruttani Rameswaram 540 Km
Tiruttani Ranipettai 53 Km
Tiruttani Salem 270 Km
Tiruttani Tenkasi 599 Km
Tiruttani Thanjavur 327 Km
Tiruttani Thekkadi 488 Km
Tiruttani Tiruchchendur 654 Km
Tiruttani Tiruchirappalli 312 Km
Tiruttani Tirunelveli 591 Km
Tiruttani Tirupathi 67 Km
Tiruttani Tiruppur 454 Km
Tiruttani Chennai 97 Km
Tiruttani Tiruvannamalai 170 Km
Tiruttani Thrissur 589 Km
Tiruttani Tiruvananthapuram 676 Km
Tiruttani Tuticorin 573 Km
Tiruttani Udagamandalam 475 Km
Tiruttani Ulundurpet 216 Km
Tiruttani Valparai 497 Km
Tiruttani Vellore 98 Km
Tiruttani Yercaud 299 Km


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