Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) Tourism Information

This town is a major industrial and commercial centre and also a harbour.  SPIC’S fertilizer plant, a heavy water plant thermal power station, etc., are located here.  It is a major pear fishing and salt producing centre.  It is 48km from Tirunelveli. A district headquarter, Tuticorin originally settled by the Portuguese in 1540 later on remained in successive control of the Dutch and the British.  The shallow waters and islands off the southeast coast of Tamil Nadu are breeding grounds for pearl bearing oysters, Thoothukkudi is a big centre with major industries such as fertilizer, chemical, heavy water plant, and a thermal power station is located here.  The city is also known for the production of salt.  The NH7A connects it to Tirunelveli, 48km to the west.

Ottapidaram is 15 km from Tuticorin, Ottapidaram is the birthplace of the freedom fighter V.O.Chidambaram.  Further 3km is Panchalamurchi, a small village, home of the 17-century patriot and great warrior, Kattabomman.  It has a memorial fort and the cemetery of the British soldiers near it.  Within the hall of the fort, the beautiful paintings on the walls depict the heroic deeds of the warriors against the British regime.  Tirunelveli is 54km from here.  34km to the north of thoothukkudi is Ettaiyapuram the birthplace of the national poet Bharathiyar.  A memorial stands here in his memory.


This is the birth place of the revolutionary poet Bharathiyar.  His home has been made a memorial.  Umaru Pullavar Durga is also located here.


Panchalankurichi a small but historic village is 3km from Ottapidaram in Tirunelveli District.  From here the great warrior Kattabomman known as ‘Veerapandiya Katta Bomman’ has raised his voice against the British regime in the 17th century AD.

Kattabomman Memorial Fort

The existing memorial fort was constructed by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1974.  Sri Devi Jakkammal temple, t he hereditary Goddess of Kattabomman, is located near the fort.  The remnant of the old fort is protected by the Archaeological survey of India.

Thoothukudi Tour Information


Holy Cross Church at Manapad is an ancient one.   It was built in the year 1581.  Fragments of the True Cross, brought from Jerusalem are placed in the church.  Throughout the year pilgrims visit the chuch and thousands congregate during the festival season from first to fourteenth,  September every year.  On the sea shore edge of the church, there are tanks where drinking water is available.  It is 70km from Kanyakumari and 18km from Tiruchendur.  The church is associated with St. Francis Xavier.


The temple located here on the shor of the bay of Bengal is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya.  It is 48km east of Tirunelveli and on the way to Alwarthirunagari and Srivaikundam temples.


Ottapidaram is the birth place of V.O. Chidambaram freedom fighter.  His maiden venture in navigation against the East India Company caused his imprisonment. That is why he is popularly called as “Kappalottiya Thamizhan”. His home has also now become a memorial.


Tiruchedur is about 40km from Thoothukkudi, Tirichendur is one of the six Arupadai Veedu (Abodes) of Lord Muruga.  The temple tower and the sculptures of this seashore temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya are worth seeing.  It is believed that is the place where Lord Muruga or Subramanya offered his thanksgiving prayers to Lord Shiva after defeating the demon Surapadman.  Devotees still celebrate the victory during the Tamil month of Aippasi as a festival.

20km from Tiruchendur on way to Tirunelveli (56km), Srivaikuntam, also known as Kailasapuram has a Vaishavaite temple with presiding deity named as Kallapiran.  The temple served as a fort during the war of Kattabomman with a British.

Manappadu on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, 18km from Trichendur is a predominantly Roman Catholic village. The Holy Cross Church (1581) here is believed to have some fragments of the True Cross from Jerusalem.  This place is also associated with St. Francis Xavier, a famous missionary, who lived in a cave near the headland.


On the NH7 Madurai Road, about 25km before Tirunelveli is Kayattar.  The British hanged the 17-century patriot, Kattabomman from a tamarind tre here for raising his voice against them.  A monument stands here in his memory.

Tuticorin Distance Guide

Tuticorin Chidambaram 443 Km
Tuticorin Coimbatore 438 Km
Tuticorin Cuddalore 434 Km
Tuticorin Dharmapuri 355 Km
Tuticorin Dindigul 274 Km
Tuticorin Ernakulam 360 Km
Tuticorin Erode 417 Km
Tuticorin Hogenakkal 400 Km
Tuticorin Hosur 451 Km
Tuticorin Kanchipuram 531 Km
Tuticorin Kanyakumari 151 Km
Tuticorin Karaikudi 253 Km
Tuticorin Karur 351 Km
Tuticorin Kodaikanal 215 Km
Tuticorin Kodikkarai 485 Km
Tuticorin Krishnagiri 403 Km
Tuticorin Kumbakonam 330 Km
Tuticorin Madurai 133 Km
Tuticorin Mamallapuram 592 Km
Tuticorin Mysore 536 Km
Tuticorin Nagappattinam 370 Km
Tuticorin Nagercoil 170 Km
Tuticorin Palani 252 Km
Tuticorin Pollachchi 313 Km
Tuticorin Puducherry 455 Km
Tuticorin Poompuhar 399 Km
Tuticorin Pudukkottai 244 Km
Tuticorin Rajapalayam 141 Km
Tuticorin Rameswaram 261 Km
Tuticorin Ranipettai 533 Km
Tuticorin Salem 355 Km
Tuticorin Tenkasi 105 Km
Tuticorin Thanjavur 291 Km
Tuticorin Thekkadi 269 Km
Tuticorin Tiruchchendur 39 Km
Tuticorin Tiruchirappalli 261 Km
Tuticorin Tirunelveli 60 Km
Tuticorin Tirupathi 640 Km
Tuticorin Tiruppur 323 Km
Tuticorin Tiruttani 573 Km
Tuticorin Tiruvannamalai 526 Km
Tuticorin Thrissur 422 Km
Tuticorin Tiruvananthapuram 238 Km
Tuticorin Chennai 580 Km
Tuticorin Udagamandalam 536 Km
Tuticorin Ulundurpet 397 Km
Tuticorin Valparai 453 Km
Tuticorin Vellore 569 Km
Tuticorin Yercaud 384 Km

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