The village of Mukteswaram,only a kilometre from the Vinayaka shrine in Ainavilli, is the site of the ancient Sri Mukteswaram Shiva temple.  Like in most other temple towns of Konaseema, the Godavari flows not far from here, while the Gautami is much nearer.
The temple is part of puranic-lore.  The Lingam, it is said, was installed by Lord Rama.  Those who pray at this temple are said to be assured of mukti; hence the name "Mukteswaram".

How to get there

Only a kilometre from Ainavilli.  The nearest big town is Amalapuram, from where plenty of buses ply back and forth, at regular intervals.  Auto rickshaws and share-autos are cheap and convenient.


Amalapuram is a big marketing town, with plenty of board and lodging.

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