Kapilavastu (Piprahwa) Information

Kapilvastu, The ancient capital of Sakyas lies in the foothills of Himalayan terai.  Lord Buddha was born as Prince Gautama (Siddhartha) to Sakya king Suddhodana and was brought up in luxury and opulence.  But, a vision of old age, disease and death made him relies the hollowness of worldly pleasures.  He renounced the world and left his palace in Kapilvastu at the age of 29 and came back 12 years later, after attaining enlightenment.  Today, Kapilvastu comprises of several villages, the most important are, Piprahwa and Ganvaria.  A large stupa at the ancient site is said to contain the bone relics of the Buddha.  The ruins of the palace are spread over a large area.

Kapilvastu Tour Information

Lumbini (86km)

Lord Buddha was born here under a blooming Sala tree. An Ashokan column – Rummindei pillar marks the visit of emperor Ashoka in 249BC to this sacred site and also commemorates Buddha’s nativity.  Lumbini is located across the border in Nepal and buses ply only up to the Nepal Border.  From her the stretch of 26km has to be covered by private vehicles.